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19 April 2007 @ 12:52 pm
This wasn't a very good week at all :(

We had a practice lock down yesterday in religion, and it did hold a lot of meaning considering just a couple days ago there was a shooting at Virginia tech, still there were students who did not take it seriously. We were all in the corner and we were discussing the shooting, it was really sad.

and then just yesterday 4 suju members got in an accident :( They're all ok now, and with the right treatments they will be back on stage in no time :) I just hope, they take the rest that they need and don't force themselves to perform because of the fans, because they tend to do that a lot:( Suju i bet is in a very emotional state right now.

In social we were looking at all the environmental impacts of industrialization, and its a big wake up call. It puts me in a bad mood after, cause it makes me realize how my government sucks balls big time. We have the conservative party running the country right now, and all they care about is industry, they don't consider the enviromental destruction we are causing, the Borreal forest in Canada is one of the most diverse few forests left in the world, and they just keep destroying it, all for oil. The government stated that by the year 2012, we will cut back emissions to the levels of 2006. that was like 4 months ago. I wish i had the knowledge and the power to change this, but politics is not something i want to get involved in. I just wish there was some way I can, I don't know, help change this, so that we are not slowly destroying our earth. And everyday I look around me, I just see people carry on with their daily lives and just don't care. I understand most of the jobs here are related to the oil industry, and if we were to shut down plants then a lot of people's parents in my school would be out of jobs. sigh such a complicated matter.

Its times like these, when I wish i was like five again, and therefore i would not have to worry about all these events happening in our world. I can be care free and just play, and enjoy life as it is.

lol.. thats my lunch hour rant, after my spare, I have physics :( and then i go home and i have to go to TAPS conferences at 5, and then go shopping with my mom, when I get home I am just going to crash, looking forward to that :)
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